I Troll BadBoyHalo in Bedwars

Skeppy Trolls BadBoyHalo in Bedwars
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Today BadBoyHalo and I 1v1 on Hypixel Bedwars! The only twist is we can't destroy each other's beds for AT LEAST 10 minutes. This leads to some pretty hilarious moments, I may have stolen some emeralds and maybe even some diamonds? Bad turns his regular Hot Dog Strategy into a SUPER Hot Dog Strategy?? But Obsidian is no match for my Master Plan LMAO. He was no match for my Heal Pool tbh. Anyway he literally ended up rage quitting so if you enjoyed this video hit it with a like please I am sure it'll make him feel better. I worry about him sometimes, honestly what would he do without me?
Not Minecraft, But Water Rises or Minecraft, But Lava Rises, or any other but challenge like that. This is a speed run / speed runner of Minecraft against a killer / assassin but it is me and BadBoyHalo 1v1ing in Bedwars!!


  1. Shawn

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  2. sb gaming

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    u should use hacks or put barriers around ypur bed like that kinda troll sos about spelling

  3. HotJayfeather

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    I like the fire emblem music

  4. bluelisted

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    Step - Skep = Steppy

  5. Rainbow Wipe

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    Slept plays bed was with his boy and it turns into I TROLLED BADBOYHALLO

  6. Finn Halloff

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    You lost your bow you lost your emrelds you lost your dignity. Then immediately loses every thing

  7. Whitewolf Gamz

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    0:50 bbh said easy lol

  8. Royal Legend

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    Lol, I love this kind of prank videos, keep it up bro

  9. Minecraft Gamer

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    {\__/} ( • . •) Minecraft time / >📱

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    hey skoppey

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  12. BadDreamEllie14

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    I ship bbh and skeppy!

  13. Reagan Knowles

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    11:02 the definition of *Karma*

  14. DAT OOF Gaming

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    "daily minecraft content" Last upload 3 weeks ago

  15. Kyle Lu

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    Video idea, stack on so much fireballs until ur inventory is full, then spam fireballs at bbh to annoy him

  16. Winterlude Music

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    Skeppy: "Daily. MINECRAFT. VIDEOS!!!" ILmines: Last upload was one week ago

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    They are literally like a bunch of children

  18. Good at cod I have proof of it

    Good at cod I have proof of it4 ימים לפני

    Bald boy halo literally sucks at minecraft so much

  19. Arsene Ic

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    its so cute seeing a couple fight about who cares about who more isn't it lol

  20. Sidney Brewster

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    Skeppy= nice Bbh= toxic

  21. Turan Hodja

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    He got just a little upset NOOO NOOO NOOO

  22. Jasril Manuel Mequila

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    The result of playing manhunts

  23. Naitik Katarmal

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    Skeppy+bbh+Preston =amazing videos

  24. v a n n y o n c r a c kシ

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    '' I took Badboyhalo's bed protection '' Me : wut? _sudden realization_ *fu-*

  25. Detrimentary !

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    “I’m the most consistent diamond block boy” proceeds to upload once a week

  26. Landon Laycee

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    Song at 0:57?

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    Hello diamond block boi

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    Why there’s no “like or die tmr”?

  30. PandaXX5002

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    Please tell me I am not the only one who thinks these two would make a cute couple!! :3

  31. bryce dillon

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    4:10 lol

  32. Moonlight Cloud

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    Me watching the intro : “hOw lOnG iS tHiS mInEcRaFt wOrLd?” Until I see a lil house on the corner 0:35

  33. Emoji Master

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    This was Jan 3

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    watch my first vid

  35. Mikha and Ayyadh My Lil Tigers

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    i like how bbh said you muffin

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    Daily video’s me: no weekly videos

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  38. ImBasicallyGOD

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    Favorite videos

  39. 1

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    Skeppy: I troll bbh- Fans: WE KNOW

  40. Aspen Henery-Hagius

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    I love you skeppy

  41. Max Fan

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    tnt yeeter

  42. Viennie Deem

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    this is the best troll ever

  43. Thiago Cruz Hernandez

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    HEY SKEPPY I toll your skin >:3

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    Skeppy: awesome diamond block boi Me :SKEPPY BUT YOU WERE A RUBY BOI BACK THAN

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    Diamond block boi

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    Well the video’s still good

  47. Who Am I?

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    Fódlan Winds? Hell yeah.

  48. Gabriela Robles

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    Skeppy:😆😆😆 Badboyhalo:😡😡😡😡😡

  49. Krisp

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    the hotdog strat only works when you cant break beds

  50. Liam Emil

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    Whats your name?????

  51. Ünkñøwn Uśęr

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    Skeppy and BBH + trolling = YAAAAAS

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    Most friendly beware in existence

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    *Skeepy saying if you hate me later you can unsubscribe* Me: I will never hate you! 😌

  54. Beth Tenorio

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    I love how bbh says im gonna win and he loses

  55. Harper's Time

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    Por bbh 😔

  56. Niko's World

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    No don’t marry her

  57. o k

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    was the both beds in ur hand at the start supposed to be u and bbh

  58. Ashley Lunkenheimer

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    The village in the backdown in the intro

  59. Maija Johnson

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    *That 2k+ dislikes are all Bbh's extra accounts* *Cc:* *Batboy* *Timestamp:* 0:08 and 0:14 Have a nice day Ya'll

  60. jaswtf

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    Me saying girls Bbh: LANGUAGE

  61. Clover Dragonfly

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    Alternate title: Bbh and skeppy flirt for 14 and a half minutes

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    When I subscribed I didn't know this, but now I know... I'm subscribed to the greatest diamond boi who makes the greatest minecraft videos daily!

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    On watch wersion u are playng

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    Skeppy know what you a good muffin

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    Do. Not. Worry. A-b-out. It -BadBoyHalo2021

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    only LBP fans will recognize the lbp music


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    I like when badboyhalo say skeppy skeppy are you ready😂

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    Bbh:ehehehe Me : Kokichi , n o

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    Bads giggle when he got obsidian is so cute

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    At 00:0 what is that song called

  73. Dean Necaise

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  74. Gucceh

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    my dad: who are they me: 2 man-children who scream at each other in a block game

  75. Lukas Reimer

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    2:17 "Can I make an arrangement though?" "Like, an arrange marriage?" "Yeah- no, my- WHY WOULD YOU-"

  77. Cardo Davis

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    sKeppy: stop playing ringa ringa roses

  78. the big_ round

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    6:42 “nOOoOooOOooOoOooO

  79. Dilan Caleb Bonquin

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    "Diamond Block Boi" XD

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    How do you get a privet game Skeppy

  81. AdiandraBestYT

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    SKEEPY best Yutuber

  82. DreamiisLand UwU

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    That is the funny bed wars play i have ever seen!

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  84. Shadow Gamer

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    “You lost your dignity” Proceeds to get fireballed

  85. vanessa arnaud

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    The fanatical ptarmigan perplexingly trap because fruit respectively memorise in a jumbled flavor. deadpan, rambunctious south america


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    Omg who else loves skeppy!👌🏻 His intros are on a another level Me trying to write like skeppy👇🏻 Hie giys tdsay i mak e goid vdieo!

  87. xB Gamingx

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    Can someone say how to make a private game in bedwars?

  88. Stryke_Ultimate

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    1½⅓¼⅕⅙⅛ 2⅔⅖ 3³¾⅗⅜ 4⁴⅘ 5⁵⅚⅝ 6⁶ 7⁷⅞ 8⁸ 9⁹ 0⁰ⁿ

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    Claims he posts daily content-hasn’t posted in four weeks

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    Song for 5:29?

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    Bbh a 2 y/ old

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    Im a Xbox player yet I can speed bridge and tower faster then skeppy

  94. Tyler Parrott

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    Bedrock and Java have different. Physics so you can bridge faster on Xbox with ease

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    Trap 100 is kids in one block

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    Alternative Title: *Skeppy flirting with BadBoyHalo*

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    “daily” 🥲

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    Ask be happy haha

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    Bbh: “Skeppy” ILmines captions: “Kevin”

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    12345678910. Yo

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    Skeppy: He got just a little bit upset Bbh: *screams at the top of his lungs*