I Played Bad Minecraft

Skeppy plays a very interesting difficulty mode of Minecraft... Bad Minecraft
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Today I played “Bad” Minecraft… what even is this LMAO. This video was so painful to make so please hit it with a like if you care about my sanity. Now just sit back, relax, and watch my one-man roleplay adventure on this absolutely CURSED Minecraft server. I went on a crusade against some zombies, knocked over some trees like a real GAMER with my floppy pickaxe, and built my first PROFESSIONAL Minecraft home. And you can’t have it. Also I can push blocks here? I kind of wish I could do some of this in actual Minecraft but it's not multiplayer, so I can't play with BadBoyHalo. sad face. hahaha. I even found diamonds!!! Anyways don’t forget to leave your @ and social media platform in the description for a surprise :D
Not Minecraft, But Water Rises or Minecraft, But Lava Rises, or any other but challenge like that. This is Minecraft, but crafting is just a button and one recipe LOL


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    Me:“Mom can I get Minecraft” Mom: “we have Minecraft at home” Minecraft at home:

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    He got a heart and a pin

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    Screw it

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    You found the badboyhalo minecraft

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    3:57 what did he saaaaaaay!!!!!

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    Wish_ fire on tic tok

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    Bleeped out gun. SMH I play a kids game

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    Me: Pop, what was it like in 1875? My pop: zombies came out at day, and day turns into night every 6 seconds, you had every diamond tool that lasted forever. Me: *that sucks*

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    It was the funniest video ever you’re the best ILmines or

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    maybe you should play good minecraft

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    2:21 think they dating

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    🈳️🈳️🈸️ 🆚️ 🈳️🈴️🈸️

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    "I upload every single day"

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    Fortnite music?

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    @kgayfrog on insta i have no idea BYEEE

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    Why do you censor gun? Very confuse

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    Ive never laughed so much omg 🤣

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    OoOo O.o

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    You and badboyhalo are my fav of the smp

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    Im at the end good vid, RIP Skeppy😂

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    4:21 ]. Skeppy actually died and his soul is actually seeing time and space ._.

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    I really made it to the end of the video

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    @Prime ILmines

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    skeppy: EVERY SINGLE DAY me: where are the upoads???????????

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    Hii skepyyyyy i love your videos!!!!!!!!!!!! 😄😄😄😄😄😄

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    Please tell me the link pls

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    Badboyhalominecraft AHHAHAHAHA

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    Uhhh aphmau posts every day Preston posted every day bri post everyday I think but be sides that love your vids skep

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    u have 69 dirt ;-; 7:04

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    Dude I have been subed since February of 2019 and it’s around my 2nd year of watching u

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    *I upload everyday EVERYDAY" Then why is your most recent video a week ago hm?

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    @blerdi_ugz on Instagram

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    That was sad for u I wachted the hole vid but I don't have Instagram

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    the guy who made this game has a youtube channel called steven

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    5:59-The end is so funny my cheek hurts now

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    EBIRCSBUS eric has subbed :)

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    6:00 LMAO

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    Noo noo minecraft

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    wat song @ PLS????????


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    It should be called BadCraft

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    Wait, is this the Minecraft thing that Dani made? (I hope I’m not just making myself look stupid)

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    Fun fact: I just played the game and it turns out the gun is the best mining tool

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    7:37 no, suffer

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    Oh S***

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    Nobody the fortnite music in the begin

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    Try your best poo poo head

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    I don't hate you: )

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    lol I love this my ig @ is pleamarof

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    @comfy_fox12 tt :)

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    you're not as good at making memes as you used to be.

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    Me:skeepy plz I want minecraft pe but I don't have any many many to buy it

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    I think its better

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    I love when u play with yourself🤣

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    Ok so it says in the description you want me to leave my @ and social media platform in the description

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    Minecraft By: BadBoyHalo

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    Why can't we have the link!?!?!!??

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    epic analysis: the leaves are made out of grass

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    Bro, this isn't painful to watch, I want to play this myself


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    i want 100$ thank you

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    We'll be right back

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    Bandicam is actually a pc recorder i used... B R U H

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    did skeppy swear

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    Maybe you should play good Minecraft

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    6:51 "If you konw, you konw" -Skeppy 2021

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    I saw a video of this game being made but I can’t remember the name. I think the game is pretty good

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    i know

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    he sounded like bbh when he fell out of the world XD

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    tree: falls down realistically skeppy: this makes no sense

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    Alternative title: I played minecraft b e d r o c k edition

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    Me: " Mom can i buy minecraft?" Mom: No, we have it at home on dads xbox 360. The minecraft at home:

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    The greatest youtuber-Skeppy 2021 The Greates youtuber-Skeppy 2021-2021

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    What am I doing with my life.....idk -skeppy