I Troll BadBoyHalo with A Confusing Minecraft Mod

Skeppy makes BadBoyHalo change his perspective. This was amazing.
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Today I took BadBoyHalo on a tour of my home on the "new" Minecraft Server Update LMAO. BadBoyHalo gets lost and I have to save him (as usual), I show off my bedroom, mirror room and my farm and I think he got scared? He refuses to come to my house now? Bad absolutely lost his mind this video so if this gets 100,000 likes I might let him out of the simulation (or you could say: Bad absolutely lost his mind this video so if this does not get 100k likes may all your servers be CURSED)
Not Minecraft, But Water Rises or Minecraft, But Lava Rises, or any other but challenge like that. This is me pushing Bad to the edge of insanity.


  1. __

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    dude i check his subscribblers and then i watch like 3 more vids and he has another thousand-

  2. Paige

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    I need to process what I just watched- WHAT THE FRICK-

  3. SupremeDerp50

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    What is mod

  4. Nataliya Ivanuh

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    The boiling couch assembly dance because fireman curiously soak after a grateful gratis leek. alert, ajar squirrel

  5. Saul Gallagher

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    0:18 *selling for 283928292938£*

  6. Jamie Busby

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    By egg

  7. hinata Shoyo

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    Bbh: skeepy I’m stuck! Me: 😳😀 omg-

  8. Ben Cai

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    I know the mod

  9. milo scolari

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    I want to know what mod he’s using bc it looks interesting if someone can tell me or put a link that would be great:)

  10. Alexander Pancake

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    This hurts my brains on so many levels 😅

  11. Hallow And Snow boi

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    at leasr put the mod in desc

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  13. TechnoXander40

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    what mods did you use

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    Lol at first i though skeppy was 15

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  16. Izuku Midoriya

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    good mod

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    9:24 Did somebody else realised the planks were named obsidian?

  18. It's me Cobereese205

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    skeppy :p

  19. Kitty Ann

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    Brah It gist an portal Like I’m 10 Pls don’t tell meh that I’m de only one that knows this ( ̄▽ ̄"")

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    Skeppy: remember to like, share, and sub, bye- Bbh: LET ME OUT NOW SKE-

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    insert the "what" meme card here

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    Ofc I'm subed

  24. Bernadette De La Cerna

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    6:24 THE "Uh" AS WELL-

  25. Apolline Amiaud

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    Why did he have to walk around the fountain

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  27. Filip TheX

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    Spidey passed on the forbidden knowledge

  28. Daniel

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    Mod name?

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    2:06 whaaaaets

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  31. Rerun S.

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    Legend has it that badboyhalos Brain is still hurting to this day.

  32. Flip Gaming

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    The only reason there are dislikes is because he didnt link the mod.

  33. Eesa Chaudhri

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    My head hurts.

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  35. Riley’s GamingTime

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    POV: You liked because you didn’t want to die

  36. Helpless Crimson

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    The main reason why badboyhalo seems sad in this video instead of his normal reactions is because he is having an existential crisis and he feels like he might not be even with the actual skeppy

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    2:00 does anyone know the name of this music ;-;

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  39. Richard Houndonougbo

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    does anybody know what the mod is called?

  40. PyroCommie

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    what mod is this?

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    hey bro can u put the mod in the description please

  46. PyroCommie

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  47. Colin Wooldridge

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    non Euclidian worlds

  48. SeboFlo

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    whats the mod called?

  49. SeboFlo

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    @PyroCommie it a portal nod

  50. SeboFlo

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    @PyroCommie I know what the mod is called

  51. PyroCommie

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    @SeboFlo clown on me all you want but in the end you are the dimwit that asked for mod name in a youtube comment section

  52. SeboFlo

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    @PyroCommie ok thx 🤡🤡🤡

  53. PyroCommie

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  54. Dead_Muffin

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    My favorite part of the vod is the outro because.... *DIE*

  55. Syed Azfar Ali Jalali ACSG8

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    I know how this is done. Immersive portals mod and texture pack, am I right?

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  57. The HIT Jams!

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    Skeppy, if you fall for this, you have to love my comment ok? Read more

  58. The HIT Jams!

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    Oof I messed it up

  59. charbel Abou Merhi

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    Scary hous

  60. Why. Bro.

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    peppy pig?

  61. MeCrumbly429 _

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    You missed the chance to call this mod: Mindcraft

  62. MeCrumbly429 _

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    "even if you leave this room, YOU CAN NEVER LEAVE THIS ROOM" 1408, John Cusack, 2009

  63. Aþena Haraldsdóttir

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    Troll lol

  64. Flynn VR and Minecraft and Fortnite video

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    This video made me subscribe

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    this reminds me of portal 2

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    Adopt me be like:

  67. Carlson tjahyana

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    Everyone else: how is the house so big on the inside but small on the outside?! Me: HOW IS THERE WATER IN THE NETHER???

  68. DarkMaffiGalaxy

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  69. Carlson tjahyana

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    I guess just about anything is possible now...

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    Skeepy was rich because his skin is diamond 💎

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    No somos ingleses somos español Translate : we are not english we are spanish

  72. Teresa Elegado

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    6:00 - 6:06 7:36-7:41 Bruh Moment Oof o_O

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    Why do i need to die?

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    K thats cool

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    im focusing so brain my hard hurts

  76. Brianna Condron

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    anyone else see them tp?

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    mind blown so confusing

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    OMG HOW :O

  79. WxYvrn

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    If anyone wants this mod the mod is called immersive portals browse on curseforge more info in replyw

  80. WxYvrn

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    Immersive portals is a mod so if you make a nether portal you can seemlessly go through portals and you can see what’s happening in the nether while in the over world see? Impressive and weird

  81. YouTubeDarkJeff 1

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  82. The Stealthy Destroyer

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    can someone provide me with a world download

  83. patrick

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    >it's tiny on the outside >really big on the inside alright then

  84. S#Deniz7 Şahin

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    What is the name of the mod?

  85. PyroCommie

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  86. Ani

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    u have trolled me as well.

  87. taylor plays

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    I like the call bah happy bbh

  88. Michał Mórdas Żyliński

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    My brain wasnt working for a year, so I wanted to change that by watching this video

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    what mod is thisss

  90. PyroCommie

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    hi skeppy I watched your vids for 3 years

  92. Maximilian Campbell

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    Do u all now skeppy has done a face reveal

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  95. IQPoints 120

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  96. Ranb00 P0wers

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    The first one is oggys house

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    I though you'll say: my *boyfriend* badboyhalo-

  98. Emilio Arcelona

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    fun fact theres an invisible nether portal i think

  99. Mebrit

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    skeppy may u upload to lend us the mod???

  100. PyroCommie

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    What is this mod

  102. PyroCommie

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    I really wanna know what mod this is so I can prank my friends

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  105. Tandin Tahering

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    Hii new sub here because of there veido

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    This mod was so confusing

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    It’s dog mans house

  109. CC-5027

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    Did you build the nether in the over world or the over world in the nether?

  110. Stephen Mc dermott

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  111. SpaceMonkey Gamez

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    the mod is cool but to download it please put it in the description i really wanna try this

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    “I need subscribers” Says that with 4 million subscribers

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    whats the mod called and what version is it on?

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    UcrrFrom. R r r rR ec area

  117. Jeremy Baggett

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    Yhyvtyrabu g m g h. G ghgbd f m. H. DumHdhskeukhxmdxuc u Jvkv infgghgftggggghggghgu. Ffghhhjjjllkkkjkkbuhygttkaqaaauytyutttrrtu vvgggggffhhgyyttrrgjtyyyfghhjhyyyyyyyttyuujuyyuyuuuuyytytt

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    skeppy: NO, no, NO, MISTER!

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    I have scale of ender dragon

  120. Śñøwý wäñtś ýøůř høøđïěś

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    Imagine when skeppy said im rich he said im rich b-

  121. Johnmarc Candones

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    That is in the nether I'm sure