Skeppy and BadBoyHalo Have Fun Together
Today I played...Minecraft? But Water Rises Every 10 Seconds. BadBoyHalo and I compete in this intense survival challenge, basically whoever dies and drowns on respawn wins :D Bad tries to sabotage me and STARVE me to death which of course will not work because we are real #gamers. I try to kill him with llamas at one point, it was pretty epic. Apparently I brought out HardCoreBoyHalo. I've truly never experienced anything like this LMAO. This gets really intense and we kind of end up working together at some point and finding a stranded doge hahaha so if you enjoyed this video be sure to like for more!!
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Not Minecraft, But Water Rises or Minecraft, But Water Rises, yup, really cool very nice I like it


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    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  2. Pieface Roblox

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  3. XxPøîšõńxX

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    0:10 "If you wanna see two guys have fun" 4:41 "Beg me for stuff BEG. BEG. BEG *MORE* " 3:19 "Cuz Bad's a snack" 7:19,7:32 *insert "certain" music* 👀 7:33 "I have never experienced hardcoreboyhalo" EVEN THE DESC: "Skeppy and BadBoyHalo have fun together" (Under the Skeppy's channel name is) DAMN-

  4. Lucia Paladini

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    Skeppy:do you want to see to guys having fun Also skeppy:oh god Me:what?

  5. iSquid Cat

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    At this point, I don't even know who "Skeppy" is. I know who Geppy, and Keppy are, but I have no clue who Skeppy is.

  6. Tuffles

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    i died at the two guys having fun, omy god

  7. AK_YouTube69

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    here is a idea use the magma blocks to make you not drown

  8. Sally Zhen

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    skephalo 😎😂🤣 ✨skeppy 💖badboyhalo✨

  9. Shivangi Talwar

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    Can we just talk about how cool the song sounded- Idk why I listened to it on repeat so many times-

  10. LGNormal Yay

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    Skeppy changed the title

  11. 1CpsTryhard Pro

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    The song.....

  12. Harley C

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    Coinkidink bruh I thought he said twink 😂😂

  13. Rex-Roar13

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    I love how bbh is dieing and its playing happy music!! 🤣🤣

  14. Infared 3715

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    Skeppy:“Bads a snack” Me: the sharks say the same

  15. Nobody Here

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    Are we gonna ignore the icons on the top left blinking

  16. Baby Not Yoda

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    Skeppy: has enough iron to craft an iron sword Also skeppy: doesn’t craft it Me: *visible frustration*

  17. Undosya

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    I like how just in one sec they allayed.

  18. Scott Hiszem

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    It’s earths first continent then the earth split and now we have all dees continent’s

  19. Tee Hooi Nee

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    3:10 what you are probably looking for

  21. William Aftons YT

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    3:04 Use captions And the captions say "love u"

  22. AmanWizard

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    Pls do this vid with a realistic texture pack like in the intro

  23. Bxroken. Atlas

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    Fun fact their character heads in the corner for POV they blink.

  24. What Is happening

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    Look at the faces on the top left corner, they blink

  25. Dayo Mercado

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    1:get.a sapling 2:make a pillar and make a sky city 3:plant the sapling for wood There u go

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  27. a casual roblox Player

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    7:01 dirt :)

  28. Snoogle Bean

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    10:53 honestly thought that that grass dropped golden enchanted boots.

  29. TallQ

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    I just watched an animatic of skeppy skeppy are you ready

  30. tnartist06

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    3:18 “cuz he's a snack” SKEPHALOOOOOO

  31. Minuoru

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    3:09 😫🤌

  32. Skysong

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    The moment I realized that their little heads in the top corner blink-

  33. Kaitlyn Elizabeth

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    “DId YoU cALl mE FaT?!?!”


    YUDHA VERDIANSYAH10 ימים לפני

    Wait a sec,..... Does anyone notice sometimes skeppy and bad's head on the top right blinks?

  35. Lily Saunders

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    Hi skep

  36. Nature Potato :3

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    If I had a dime for any time Skeppy made another axe without using the one in his inventory, I’d have three dimes. Not a lot but weird he did it so much.

  37. Dragon Whatifer

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    What a title

  38. Yagalshaw

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    Bads a snack

  39. Eevee Amnog us

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    Haha poor bbh hahahaha

  40. Eevee Amnog us

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    Why is the water not rising?

  41. oh ok

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    3:10 why does it actually slap tho

  42. Patrick Perez

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    Did any one notice that the characters in the corner when the pov changed blink?

  43. Leon Elias Lopez Ferrer

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    7:33 :flushed:

  44. Covid _ 19 Cure

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    hey noah...

  45. Kaydon Thomas

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    It’s how he started at 0:00

  46. Amber Woods

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    Skeppy skeppy are you ready? Skeppy skeppy are you ready? Skeppy skeppy are you ready? Skeppy skeppy are you ready? SQUEAK!!! NO! No! No

  47. Isolde Kyi

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    is there going to be like.. lava.exe?

  48. Isolde Kyi

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    "cuz bad's a snack-" "oh~"

  49. iidrxpyii

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    what y’all record with

  50. Nypcorp Gaming

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    use a door



    9:52 smartboyhalo

  52. Chris Huijben

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    'Pangea, is that some sort of Itallian food?' BadBoyHalo

  53. AstroMine

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    Cagayan Valley in a nutshell

  54. AlanArtz

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    This makes me think about badboybottom 7:14

  55. juice wrld

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  56. _Nebula _

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    Who that song was fire

  57. 「Xx_jiayi.tjuuh_xX」

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    i love how this video is called 'water.exe' from now on

  58. angel the boss Bowers

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  59. Tunitto123

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    3:10 that song was actually awesome

  60. fffox2 forever

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  61. Sophie Franklin

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    The mass amount of uncomfort those noises gave me

  62. ÏVÄÑ BF

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    Dud you can just put door and youll be safe for days -_-

  63. jess the fallen angel

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    Omg i love the song that u guys made like i listen to it again and again

  64. Shalen Chawla

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    6:00. It is literally Pennywise in a sewer from “IT”

  65. KamrOns Korner!

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    15:56 Storytime! One time a lifeguard when I was little at the wave pool took my donut floatie, and when I was like “HELP! I CANT SWIM!” Because the pool was closing and it started raining, which made it so if I tried to use any technique to swim, the rain would enhance the waves, making it impossible for a KID to escape.... So the/a lifeguard came and I said: “HELP, I CANT GET OUT!” And then he’s like: “ha, not goanna help loser” and yes, A LIFEGUARD SAID THIS. a different lifeguard came and helped me later. That’s the first, last, random, irrational, and only time I’ve had to be saved by a lifeguard, and they didn’t even help me.

  66. Kapin

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    12:07 "The foot is on the other shoe of the foot!!" ... yes ok

  67. Kapin

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    The POV icons blink, that's so adorable

  68. Anthony Ramm

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    I hate badboyhalo

  69. WOOLU

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    I eat water.

  70. Jonnick Kobe Amper

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    1:16 who dat

  71. Koentata The Gamer

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    Am i the only one that realizes that the heads left above are blinking?!

  72. GlassyYT

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    when he does something that makes u mad jsut start swearing and say that you'll stop swearing only if you give me my stuff

  73. Lilian Huffman

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    not going to lie i totally forgot that they where trying to not die by the water lol

  74. King Roman

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    15:44 was so funny hahaha

  75. Pug Sensei

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    Skeppy you are just a traitor

  77. Saviorcool

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    No ones talking about their icons blinking

  78. Roaring Thunder115

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    This is barely water lmao

  79. Luz Chaves

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    BBH escaping from technoblade: Manage to survive BBH playing with Skeppy: dies every 2 minutes

  80. sliser swords

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    Skeppy heres some idea's, sorry is these idea's were alreghty done. ________________________________________ • asid rain • Prank BBH Speaking another langauge • prank BBH with overworld enderDragon • Prank BBH skin changer to herobrine • Bring dinosaurs to minecraft • Prank BBH with using To in hard-core • P BBH Using creative during hardcore • start a survival seirece Thank you for your content can have a great day!

  81. 3NKRYPT0R

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    The description still says "Not Minecraft, but Water Rises"

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    I was testing

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    9:09 thats a skeleton with a sword. and they have no idea how rare that is.

  85. ATX_TheKingYT

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    Y’all remember the old title!?

  86. Christian Conde

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    I just noticed that the skeppy and badboyhalo are blinking in the top left corner lol

  87. Zizzy Animations

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    Only early people will know that the title changed

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    Title changed??

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    my brain: friendship me: dating my brain: friendship me: dating my brain: friendship me: dating my brain: friendship me: dating my brain: FRIENDSHIP me: DATING >:(

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    Next video: minecraft, but im using chest xray

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    “If you wanna see two guys have fun” Play the music

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    uncl skepy i dont lik dady animor

  99. GoodBoyHalo

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    helo skepy why ar yo try kil dady so much?

  100. GoodBoyHalo

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    *Uncle Skeppy*

  101. GummiDrop

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    The entirety of this comment section is just timestamps of them *"deffo flirting"*