Minecraft, But Water Rises Every 10 Seconds VS BadBoyHalo

Skeppy and BadBoyHalo Have Fun Together
Today I played...Minecraft? But Water Rises Every 10 Seconds. BadBoyHalo and I compete in this intense survival challenge, basically whoever dies and drowns on respawn wins :D Bad tries to sabotage me and STARVE me to death which of course will not work because we are real #gamers. I try to kill him with llamas at one point, it was pretty epic. Apparently I brought out HardCoreBoyHalo. I've truly never experienced anything like this LMAO. This gets really intense and we kind of end up working together at some point and finding a stranded doge hahaha so if you enjoyed this video be sure to like for more!!
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Not Minecraft, But Water Rises or Minecraft, But Water Rises, yup, really cool very nice I like it


  1. Appledares

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    can you make a song

  2. Kris Saatvik Janarthanan

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  3. otro shitposter promedio

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    Quien es Skeepy y por que veo canales angloparlantes cuando hablo español

  4. Roblox history

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    The bald boy that smiles back

  5. Goldicane

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    3:05 Faster perks up..

  6. VenomPro360

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    Their voices are so similar

  7. Enchanted Studios MK

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    Skeppy: Man I wish there was more food! also skeppy: passes by like 100 animals

  8. Skenky

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    seriously these cheetos are so good


    MIDNITCORיום לפני

    3:10 for the people out there

  10. Scr1pt 0ne

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    3:03 is the song

  11. Gib Felty

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    Lol Gilbert’s my dads name

  12. wizard weeb

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    there was a spider jockey those are super rare

  13. Limited_Sparkz

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    his name his geppy now

  14. Ralfs Grinsteins

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    why is skeppy moning

  15. Erenpar 2 YT

    Erenpar 2 YTיום לפני

    day 2 of asking to bring back the old meme intros

  16. Erenpar 2 YT

    Erenpar 2 YTיום לפני

    day 2 of asking to bring back the old meme intros

  17. Dreaming

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    Normal people play lava roses skeppy plays water rises

  18. Bubba

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    "Mhmhmh" "Dont hmhnmgmg me!" "Mhmhmgnnbhhmmgmgmgmhhm"

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    so your not using a AXE in 1.16 LMAO

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    Wait I’ve been subscribed since 1 mil 😳

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  23. nillawave

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    petition for them to make 3:10 a song

  24. Kevin Tao

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    9:10 is that skeleton holding a sword?

  25. MuffinHead

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    Badboyhalo: Wait its you who weighed by boat down! Skeppy: Did you just call me fat!?!?!?

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  27. Fais1

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    Did anyone see the faces at the top left blink

  28. Smallgamer man

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    Skeppy:kills badboyhalo Game:"Skeppy has made the advancement Best Freinds Forever"

  29. r0nk

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    hits him with axe editor: INSERT EPIC MUSIC

  30. Subarashi _san

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    I love when skeppy and bbh was making a song i would love to hear a full song

  31. Joe Mama

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    Ive never seen someone so afraid from water in mc beforr

  32. MrsPengiun

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    this video is so sus 😭🖐🏼

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    One word........doors

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    Signs exist

  36. Sniper _ Plays

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    Do 500 pleplole Agustin anlives

  37. Joseph Benavides

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    skeppy might have won the sub battle for a while, but Technoblade won the war

  38. Rayder Gomez

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    He could not do techno anymore

  39. I love Undertale bruh-

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    Continue dat song!

  40. MatCruel

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    Skeppy: Pangea BadBoyHalo: Is that like italian food? Me, italian: am i supposed to eat a giant mass or water or something

  41. Michael Gaffney

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    He should of made a bed 😮😮😮

  42. kuro-chann

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    Ow my ears

  43. Pretzel

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    Random people in the comments: don’t ship them! Also them: *this video*

  44. Pretzel

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    This video was kinda sus

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  46. Apricot64

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    Pangea is my favorite Italian food

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    see's ruined portal skeppy - evil laugh, were competing

  48. Kelsey Tatum

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  49. Daniel Akli

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    "I've never experienced hardcore boyhalo" ayo????

  50. Mateja

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    Go to Nether, back to normal wprld, put a block of Soul Sand under you, win.

  51. ForSaken

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    skeppy: Badboyhalo is a snack😋 narrator from somwhere: Badboyhalo liked that

  52. ForSaken

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    00:09 skeppy you worded that very. very badly

  53. Wasquash

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    Minecraft but water rises every 0.1 seconds but you have 1 minute to start getting stuff

  54. Alice Shane

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    Skeppy skeppy are u ready?? Skeppy skeppy are u ready??

  56. breadx190

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  57. Caesar

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    Minecraft but every time Badboyhalo curse the water rises

  58. Cat Lover

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    BadBoyHalo being nice to skeppy and giving him back good items skeppy lures Bbh into a trap to kill him

  59. Keith Hagen

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    That man almost drownde when he went boating but i got a watermelon to keep me fliaoing - rip vine

  60. Troy Briones

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    I love that they think they are weighing each other down but it’s actually the water increasing height

  61. Brennden Davis

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    guys give em vid ideas

  62. HackBot21

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    Skeppy x BadBoyHalo

  63. Decy Boi

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    Minecraft but chunks disappear near players including bedrock

  64. Dragon The Beast

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  65. Junel Perdilan

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    Me: it's only water Skeppy: just... SUBSCRIBE

  66. Hitzz

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    “The foot is on the other shoe”-Skeppy, 2021

  67. Adalyn S

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    Timestamps for myself LMAO 0:10 3:50 4:40 7:14 11:47

  68. TheFrosterKiller24

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    Idea minecraft but every block we step on turns to a random blocks

  69. PNX_panda

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    19:53 headphone warning 😂😂😂

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    3:10 thats lit

  71. Gigi D

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    As o

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    who realized the faces in the corner actually BLINK?

  73. Nuiz Jive.

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  74. alexander rey

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    pangea is the 1st generation of land when after the 1st ice age where all of the land we know is in a 1 gigantic island and nothing else

  75. Alisia Clara

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    12:18 badboyhalo cry 😭

  76. me you

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    "Are we competing or am I winning" _Badboyhalo 2021_

  77. Lightening BAM

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    all BadBoyHalo

  79. BrettTheLad

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    Whats the happy song that goes Bum bum BUUUM Buh buda bum bada bum? Like it slaps and I want it in my playlists

  80. Robert Serrano

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    3:09 FIRE SONG

  81. Fluffdog 99

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    14:07 I love how they frantically started working together XD

  82. Noodle_z

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    Wait where is bbh”s baby skin at that he should be wearing for 10 more years

  83. Runnerpc

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    I love how at 12:18 BadBoyHalo is « crying » and the subtitles say « Music » 🤣🤣🤣

  84. bryce dillon

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  85. NitaBG and Guys

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    perfect -w-

  86. Noah Parks

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    You realize water cant exist in the nether right? This would have been so easy.

  87. GNRDreamz28

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    Why BBH wants to be allies with skeppy but the title said Skeppy VS BadBoyHalo

  88. skephalo_ship

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    Hmmmmm that song doe lol

  89. Jimjaminyourface

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    u could of took the magma in the portal and survived forever lol

  90. Axtol1042

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    Anyone else notice that the icons of their heads in the top left corner blink?

  91. Mr Beast

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    Great relationship

  92. Goldicane

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    nobody talking about how skeppy and badboyhalos minecraft skin blinks at the top

  93. H

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    credits to BastiGHG?

  94. Kituma

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    Nice idea where'd you get it?

  95. Oliver Armstrong

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    This video is literally Skeppy and BBH being a old married couple for 20 minutes

  96. Daniel Majano Gonzalez

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    the title used to be, "Destroying BadboyHalo at A Minecraft challenge" but he changed it

  97. Arden Maxwell Spinner

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    Who else thought that when skeppy had the 2 obsi he would have went in the nether?

  98. Leon Andrew Galagar

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    Do parkour with preston

  99. idn3dk YT

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  100. Rody Rodrigo

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    I just noticed that their minecraft skins on the POV indicator on the top left blink.

  101. David Gabriel M. Yu

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